County of Brant – Mount Pleasant Water Facility

Brant County Mount Pleasant Water Facility

Summa’s past experience in construction and implementation of Water Facility SCADA Systems and development of the Brant County SCADA System architecture and standards, in addition to our expertise in programming, instrumentation, documentation, and commissioning allowed for the successful completion of this project.


The Mount Pleasant Water Facility upgrade project consisted of a new treatment building, pressure filtration system, well pumps, highlift pumps, backwash pumps, sludge pumps, and related instrumentation and controls. SCADA requirements include an operator workstation, PLC panels, PLC and SCADA programming and integration of the new treatment building process into the existing facility, all SCADA modifications to the County’s main water SCADA system.

Scope of Work

The goal was to deliver the project on schedule and on budget to meet and exceed the expectations of the project.

Summa was responsible for supplying and commissioning all instrumentation and PLC panels. Programming responsibilities include all PLC and SCADA programming, testing, commissioning, and package system co-ordination and integration into the plant SCADA and the County’s main SCADA. County programming standards were maintained throughout the project.

PLC: Rockwell CompactLogix

SCADA: Rockwell RSView

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