Director and Co-Founder

Fernando Chua, a Director and co-founder of Summa Engineering Limited, has spent the last 35 years specializing in water and wastewater automation and SCADA integration projects throughout Ontario. From his experience in constructing over 300 SCADA systems, Fernando provides guidance to SUMMA in delivering SCADA solutions. Fernando is also responsible for overall client satisfaction and project quality assurance. If there are any client concerns, they are free to contact Fernando at any time during project execution.

Within SUMMA, he maintains overall responsibility for the Engineering Department and the quality of their deliverables. He initiated and formulated the original programming standards and practices adopted by SUMMA. As the SCADA Technical Advisor, Fernando is actively involved in providing guidance to innovative SCADA design concept and integration strategies. Fernando provides expertise in assessing technical feasibility of strategies, products, and technologies in SCADA integration application for control, visualization, and data management.

Fernando ensures the project team’s philosophy is always in the focus, quality is everyone’s responsibility, and quality assurance activities be conducted at every step of the process to ensure that quality built into the design phase is continued throughout the construction phase.

Fernando graduated from the Mapua Institute of Technology in the Philippines and is a member of P.E.O. He worked as an engineer with John F. McLaren Limited before co-founding Summa Engineering Limited and taking on the role of President.


Director and Co-Founder

Frank Cosentino, a Director and co-founder of Summa Engineering Limited, is responsible for the growth of SUMMA and business development. He has over 35 years of leadership experience and success in production, cost control and deliverables. Frank is known for his high productivity and culture-building vision which translates into results. He leads a staff of professionals with a goal to provide expertise in product integration that will help to automate projects. A recognized SI leader, Frank is known for having a strategic vision to achieve successful business goals.

Today, SUMMA is a market leading systems integrator (SI) specializing in water and wastewater treatment process controls. SUMMA has built a reputation on successful delivery of the project requirements and this has formed the basis for the long-term relationships developed with customers over the years.

Frank graduated from Ryerson University in Electrical Technology –Electronic major and started his career at Honeywell. He worked in the research lab and after two years, he started his career in the Water and Wastewater industry by accepting a position at Control and Metering in the field as startup and commission of instrumentation and control systems.

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