Bulk Potable Water Dispensing System

The Summa Bulk Water Dispensing System provides self-service convenience in water dispensing utilizing smart card technology. Our system provides an easy to use, secure, quick, and convenient method of bulk water dispensing and account management.

Water haulers are issued a secure password protected smart card for access to the dispenser. After authenticating the account, the haulers can either dispense water manually or to enter an exact volume of water. The water hauler can stop dispensing at any time and receipts of the transaction can be printed on the spot if requested.

Account management and monthly reports are made easy with the Bulk Water Dispensing System Remote Software. The dispensing system controller logs each transaction, recording the date, time, card ID number, and volume of water dispensed for all prepaid and or billing clients.

The Bulk Water Dispensing System is PLC-based and SCADA-ready allowing water vendors to retrieve transaction data from the system to generate reports and or interface the system into their SCADA system to monitor all system activities either locally or remotely. Also available is wireless web-based alarm monitoring and reporting.

Summa’s expertise in integration gives us the ability to work with your specifications to customize the system to new and existing infrastructures or develop your specification to suit your requirements.

Summa Engineered Systems are designed, constructed, and tested to meet the highest industry standards of quality and performance. In-depth knowledge of water and wastewater processes and extensive experience with instrumentation and SCADA projects, have allowed us to provide quality goods and services to Canadian Industrial and Municipal markets continuously for over 35 years.

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