Petrolia – WTP SCADA Computer & Software Upgrade

Petrolia – WTP SCADA Computer & Software Upgrade

Summa’s past experience in upgrading Water Treatment Plant SCADA Systems in addition to our expertise in hardware and software design, programming, documentation, and commissioning allowed for the successful completion of this project


The Petrolia Water system consists of a main plant with three PALL system trains, a remote Booster Station, and Water Tower. The SCADA system is a Wonderware HMI running parallel with the PALL system HMI that was out of commission. The SCADA upgrade was to address data gaps in the plant reports, upgrade the computer to server grade, and upgrade the reporting system.

Scope of Work

The goal was to deliver the project on schedule and on budget to meet and exceed the expectations of the project.  Summa was responsible to design, supply, install, and commission the plant SCADA system upgrade to address their issues.

Summa replaced the failed PALL system computer and upgraded the HMI software and application to include the complete plant SCADA application. The PLC processors were upgraded and modified to include data store and forward to minimize data loss. The existing HMI computer was replaced with a server grade computer complete with client terminal. The existing reporting system was replaced with the Dream Reports package and configured.

PLC: Rockwell ControlLogix

SCADA: Wonderware

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