City of Toronto – Ashbridges Bay WWTP Plant

Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant “D” Building Upgrades

Summa’s extensive experience in construction and upgrades of process automations systems in major wastewater facilities, in addition to good management in the areas of programming, panel manufacturing, and commissioning allowed for the successful completion of the project.


The “D” Building project is part of the goal of eliminating odours coming from Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant under a comprehensive air management strategy developed by the City in 2007. The strategy involves at least six construction contracts with construction beginning in 2009 and expected to be completed in 2019. The long construction period is necessary to ensure normal and efficient operation of the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant during construction.

This project involves improvements to the “D” Building preliminary treatment and grit / screenings handling process along with installation of a new biofilter with a dedicated stack (construction 2010- 2013).

Scope of Work – Control System

The goal was to deliver on schedule and on budget to meet and exceed the expectations of this major upgrade project – all work conducted under strict compliance to the City’s PCS Guidelines and programming standards.

Summa was responsible for supplying and commissioning all instrumentation, as well as manufacturing and commissioning PLC and control panels. Programming responsibilities included all PLC and SCADA programming, testing, commissioning, and package system co-ordination and integration into the plant SCADA

PLC: GE Series RX3i

SCADA: GE Digital iFIX

OIT: GE QuickPanel

Instrumentation: Summa supplied

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