City of Peterborough – WPCP Upgrades Phase IV

Peterborough WPCP Upgrades Phase

Summa’s extensive experience in construction and upgrades of process automations systems in major wastewater facilities, in addition to good management in the areas of programming, panel manufacturing, and commissioning allowed for the successful completion of the project.


Following the successful completion of the Phase III project, on which Summa played a major role as the System Integrator, Phase IV was undertaken by the City. To expand the inflow and infiltration (“I&I”) facilities, as well as other works, at the WWTP

The goal was to reduce the frequency of partially treated sewage bypasses into the Otonabee River.

The scope of the project included:

  • New Screen Building
  • Construction of new flow channels
  • Construction of a new I&I pumping station and four new I&I storage tanks
  • Upgrading of the Effluent Pumping Station
  • Upgrading of the process, civil and electrical aspects of the existing Septage Receiving Station
  • Installation of a Polymer Feed System
  • Associated Electrical and SCADA work
  • Process piping, mechanical, electrical, and control and instrumentation work

Scope of Work – Control System

The goal was to deliver on schedule and on budget to meet and exceed the expectations of this major upgrade project.

Summa was responsible for manufacturing and commissioning four (4) new PLC control panels, as well as upgrades to several others. Programming responsibilities included all PLC and SCADA programming, testing, commissioning, and package system co-ordination and integration into the plant SCADA

PLC: Rockwell ControlLogix

SCADA: Rockwell Factory Talk

In support of the above, associated electrical and instrumentation systems were updated, four (4) new major PLC panels were required, and several PLC panels were upgraded.

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