City of Ottawa – Britannia Road WPP Filtration Rehabilitation

Britannia Road WPP Filtration Rehabilitation

Summa’s broad experience and capabilities in the manufacturing of high quality control panels and supply of instrumentation for use in municipal water / wastewater process automations systems in addition to strong project management and timely commissioning lead to the successful completion of the project.


The Britannia water filtration plant commissioned and constructed between 1956 and 1959 is one of two water treatment plants that serve the City of Ottawa. The 23,000 m2 plant draws water from the Ottawa River and treats an average of about 200 megalitres of water a day.

To rehabilitate the plant and increase efficiency, a major project was undertaken that involved:

  • Filter media replacement in 12 of 18 filters
  • Control system upgrade for 18 filters
  • 2 new industrial blowers, piping and under-drains upgrading the backwash system

Intricate coordination of work with contractors and owner was required to phase and schedule activities around peak seasonal requirements for water supply.

Scope of Work – Control Panels and Instrumentation

The goal was to deliver on schedule and on budget to meet and exceed the expectations of this major upgrade project – all work conducted under strict compliance to the City’s SCADA Standards

Summa was responsible for manufacturing and commissioning of eleven (11) major PLC panels along with a large number of related local control and communication panels, along with the supply and commissioning of process instrumentation.

PLC: Rockwell CompactLogix

SCADA: GE Proficy iFIX

OIT: Rockewll PanelView+

Instrumentation: Summa Supplied

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