City of Orillia – SCADA Upgrade

Orillia SCADA Upgrade

Summa’s past experience in construction and implementation of Water and Wastewater Facility SCADA Systems and design of the Orillia SCADA System architecture and standards, in addition to our expertise in programming, instrumentation, documentation, and commissioning allowed for the successful completion of this project.


The City of Orillia water system consist of one water treatment plant a well pumping station, and 2 reservoirs. The wastewater system consists of one wastewater treatment plant and numerous sewage pumping stations. Communication between most remote facilities and the water and wastewater plants are via wireless network. The scope of this upgrade was to migrate to a new SCADA software and upgrade HMI hardware and PLC’s.

Scope of Work

The goal was to deliver the project on schedule and on budget to meet and exceed the expectations of the project.

Summa was responsible to design, procure, install, and commission the SCADA system to address the HMI software, aging hardware, PLC upgrade, and securing data collection.

The upgrade included new workstations and rack mounted HMI and Historian servers complete with redundant hot-swappable power supplies and hard drives, new UPS, managed Ethernet switches, KVM switch, iFix software, and supporting backup and administration software. The existing SCADA software applications for both water and wastewater systems were migrated to iFix and commissioned complete with training for the plant operators.

PLC: Rockwell CompactLogix


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